Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor for content on channel, I will write your name inside a video as gold sponsor.
The price must be from $30.00 to $1,000.00

I will add you as sponsor inside one of the upcomming videos, and in video descrption with a link of your choice. you can select a topic to sponsor. 


 link destenation should comply with our code of conduct (no hate speach, no harmful content, no pirated content, no against religion content . . .). 

 we have the right to reject adding your link without providing the reason. (if link rejected we will refund you). 

 we have the right to remove your link, and your name after 1 year. (most of the time we will not remove it but we have the right to do that). 

 in case we have issues with YouTube regarding your link, we will remove it and we will not refund you. because your name will remain inside video.